Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Amitabha Buddhist Society (Singapore) 新加坡净宗学会

The new  building of Amitabha Buddhist Society (Singapore) 新加坡净宗学会 is located at 693, Lorong 37 Geylang Road which is just behind the old building at Lorong 35, and is adjourned by a backyard lane.
Really like the environment there, hence decided to make an introduction to those who may not have known about it.

Level 1 (open concept) with a free-distribution corner of Dharma books and items on its right. One may offer Lamps here...

Level 2 ~ Main Shrine 大雄宝殿

Serene environment with Buddha statures surrounding one when in the shrine.

Level 4 ~ Three Saints Hall 三圣殿

Level 6 ~ Chanting Hall 慕西念佛堂
One is welcomed by Hugh wall paintings
Walking chanting session available to Public daily 9am-5pm and weekend 8am-8pm. (I like their chanting tune of "Namo Amituofo" and oh! Do remember to bring your Haiqing!)
There are activities scheduled Daily and on every Weekend or Public Holidays.
Do visit when available... Amituofo _/ \_

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

菩提阁 Mahabodhi Monastery

Mahabodhi Monastery in Singapore!
Located at  8 lorong Kilat, Singapore 598416 at Upper Bukit Timah area,  the traditional monastery has been reconstructed to a modern building.

The exterior design of the building resembles the square patch patterns on a monk’s robe, representing generosity, blessing and joyfulness to all sentient beings.
The Onyx tiles on its exterior illuminates in the night, symbolising light guiding beings to refuge place, away from ignorance and suffering.
Serene Han White Jade Guanyin in front of Main Shrine
Main Shrine , Hall of Univeral Light (普光明殿 ) which in front of hall has Avatamsaka seed syllabuses (华严种子字母) on ceiling and 3 Saints of Hugh Vairocana Buddha (毗卢遮那佛) at centre and Manjushri Bodhisattva (文殊菩萨),and Samantabhadra Bodhisattva (菩贤菩萨) of Eastern Vajra style (东密造型的) at both sides of wall.: -)
(Photography is actually not allowed in main shrine on the statures. : -p)
One has to go real close to the front of the hall to notice the statures on the wall. But one feels blessed with the 3 Saints looking down or one looking up if one sits in front. Personally, the feel with full view is different from sitting behind without ...

Level2 Tantric Hall
Level 3, Bamboo Grove Guanyin Garden
Level 3, Chan Meditation Hall
Very Japanese style. Had a quick sitting and liked the place and energy there... :-)

Rooftop Chan Garden that has Late Venerable Song Nian's Relics Stupa
The Simple Greyish wall and stairs reminded us of Dharma Drum Taiwan (Jinshan, Taipei), which we used to climb the stairs daily while there.

Basement 1, Dining Hall
Basement 2, Western 3 Saints Hall
It is a monastery advocating Culture & Art and Chan meditation.
One may watch out for their future activities @:
It is located near Beauty World and Bt Timah Plaza. It may initially seem like a remote place with no nearby MRT, but there are many buses from town which will reach within 20 minutes assuming no traffic jam. And it can be an interesting area to explore once one gets familiarized with the location. :-) 
Downtown line Beauty World MRT is now available.: -)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MahaBodhi Temple at Bodhgaya, India

Listed as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site, the MahaBodhi Temple in Bodhgaya, India, is a strongly recommended Holy place for pilgrimage visit by Buddhists and religious/spiritual visitors. Its location marks where prince Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, is said to have attained Enlightenment under a Bodhi tree.
Located in Bihar's Gaya district, the recommended season to visit Bodhgaya is November to March when it is cool winter season.
The MahaBodhi Temple comprises of a Hugh compound with a main tall tower (189 feet ) that houses a serene statue of the Buddha.

Behind this tall tower shrine which houses a serene Buddha statue (where photography is generally not allowed inside ) are the Diamond Throne and Bodhi Tree.

Glimpse of Diamond Throne from outside protected area of Bodhi Tree now.
In my first trip in 2004, they used to allow visitors into the protected area to have closer look at the Bodhi tree and Diamond Throne which was more elaborately decorated compared to now.
Offerings of Floral decors by devotees.
Green Tara

Full prostration zone 
Relaxing green...
Offering of flowers at Holy Place !
Night scenes of MahaBodhi Temple with laser lights has some feel of Disneyland... :-)
Opening from 5am-9pm, it is a serene place of good energy, especially early in the morning. One can do circumambulation, prayers, meditate and many also perform full prostration around the compound or one may simply just relax and walk or sit down at a spot.
Surrounding the MahaBodhi Temple, there are many temples from different countries of different architectural designs at Bodhgaya that are also worth visiting. 
Bodhgaya is a spiritual place that one can spend at least a week there with repetitive visits to the MahaBodhi Temple and many had travelled to Bodhgaya repetitively.
How good is the place? Only by travelling there can one experience for oneself...

A good reference of MahaBodhi temple can be :
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