Wednesday, February 20, 2008

峨嵋山 Er Mei Shan, China

We finally reached the JinDing Scenic Region: 2000-3099ms above sea level with the help of cable car. The climate there is as cold as in winter all year around and especially so in this winter season. The snow was thick & we had to be careful with our steps. That had also brought about business opportunities for the locals. With the thick snow & the slippery surface with ice on it, we had been offered a simple equipment: nail shoe stacks at RMB10. Without it, we could hardly move around, especially on the slippery stairs where most of us had a good fall. (A pity I forgotten to take a picture of it:P)
The pond was covered with snow & people are using umbrella to shelter slight rain of snow. It is really cold when wind is blowing. Though the distance is not far, it appears quite a distance in this snow especially to all of us who 1st encountered such thick snow.

Finally, after climbling the long stairs, we reached where the famous JinDing temple & where the large statute of PuXian Pusa are.

Most of us surrendered after coming down from the JinDing and decided to take the "sedan" at RMB60 as the route down the hill is even more difficult & time is running short for us to meet our guide.

I wish we had more time to explore the place, maybe I will return at a warmer season then.


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Very beautiful pictures :)

Sunny said...

Thanks, the place is beautiful.